Saturday, July 09, 2011


WONG TOO.—On March 6, 1944, at Wellington . Hospital, Daisy, dearly-beloved sister of Ivy,William, and Charles Wong Too, and beloved cousin of Mr. and Mrs. Wong Ying Heung, and Shirley and Leslie, 113 Jackson St.. Petone; aged 25-years. Evening Post, Volume CXXXVII, Issue 55, 6 March 1944, Page 1


MISS DAISY WONG TOO. The death occurred this week of New Zealand's first Chinese school-: teacher, Miss Daisy Wong Too, at the age of 25, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wong Too, of Petone. Her primary schooling was ;at the Petone West School and she gained her proficiency when 12 years old. In 1931 she attended the Hutt Valley: High School, where she played a prominent part in the activities of the school, being a prefect during her final year there. After 'matriculating she gained entrance to the Teachers' Training College in 1937. She was much admired for her thoroughness and industrious work, and in her short career as a teacher was a well-known' figure m many of the local schools. At all times a conscientious and' -ever-willing worker, her sunny disposition won the favour of all her pupils and fellowteachers. She was specially, interested in the teaching of art and creative art. Her unfailing courtesy and striking personality made her teaching very pleasant for her pupils. She was highly respected in the Hutt Valley, and her untimely death has come as a shock to many people.Evening Post, Volume CXXXVII, Issue 59, 10 March 1944, Page 8

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