Friday, September 30, 2011

Jason bakes another winner

Ten years ago he barely spoke a word of English and had little baking experience but patisserie owner Jason Hay is this year's Weston Milling Trainee of the Year.

Jason and Annie Hay of Richoux Patisserie in Ellerslie have previously won awards for their pies and hot cross buns.

Mr Hay was one of 10 finalists who competed in a live bake-off in Napier on August 19 and 20.

Each contestant had to make a pound cake, a savoury tart, grain bread and a sweet flan.

"There was a lot of pressure because it was open to the public," Mr Hay says.

This is the third year he has entered and Mr Hay was gunning for first place after coming third in 2009 and second last year.

"I've been training hard," he says.

"I've been trying a lot of different flavours before we picked one for the competition," he says.

Mr Hay moved to New Zealand from Cambodia in 2001 and bought Richoux Patisserie in Ellerslie in 2007 after he sold his Blockhouse Bay bakery. He got into baking thanks to a series of jobs with bakeries and food companies while studying English.

"My passion is with food," he says.Mr Hay is aiming to finish his level four qualification in plant and craft baking by the end of the year but his ambitions do not stop there. He is hoping to open another Richoux branch in the new year.

Mr Hay will be one of the judges for the 2012 competition which will be held in Auckland.

- East And Bays Courier

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BREADWINNER: Baker Jason Hay is this year's Weston Milling Trainee of the Year. He and wife Annie Hay own Richoux Patisserie in Ellerslie.

Pint-sized hero saves the day

Billie An Zhang is living proof that you're never too young to save the day.

The seven-year-old Kohia Terrace School pupil helped St John Ambulance officers treat a woman who collapsed outside her classroom by acting as a translator.

Her teacher Gaylene Hewlett saw the woman collapse on to a handrail outside her classroom and immediately called an ambulance.

The victim was distressed and could only speak Cantonese but through Billie's calm and collected translating was able to get across that she felt like she was carrying a heavy weight on her chest.

''Billie was certainly a shining star when we needed her," Hewlett said.

''If she hadn't been there, it could have been a very different story."

Billie not only translated between the woman, Hewlett and the ambulance staff, she also helped reassure the injured woman when she became anxious about going to the hospital.

''The lady who fell ill subsequently spent eight days in hospital and had heart surgery,'' Hewlett said.

''Which reiterates the important part Billie played.''

Billie received a special certificate at a school assembly from St John in recognition of her help and bravery in assisting ambulance officers with the incident earlier this month.

St John staff told her they'd happily have her on staff.

Training delivery manager Carole Mudford said Billie's efforts were ''wonderful''.

''We would love to get the message out to the public about how they can help in an emergency even if they are only seven,'' Mudford said.

Getting a certificate in front of the whole school was ''pretty cool'', Billie said, but she's not sure saving lives is the job for her.

Billie is a high achiever and is fluent in both English and her native Cantonese.

She still attends Cantonese lessons after school to make sure she stays connected with her culture.

- Central Leader

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Billie An Zhang Gaylene Hewlett
PINT-SIZED HERO: St John awarded Billie An Zhang, pictured with her teacher Gaylene Hewlett, a special certificate after she helped translate for ambulance staff.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists, 1855-1973

Wong Aju Event: Passenger Event Date: 17 Sep 1889 Ningpo
Wong Yang