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Wong Chuck


-^ MURDEROUS ATTACK OX WHITE WIFE. (Per Tress Association.) AUCKLAND, this day. A sensational story was unfolded by Sub- Inspector Hendry at the Police Court yesterday, when Wong Chuck, a dapper-looking young Celestial, appeared before Mr Cutten. S.M., on a charge of having on the. previous day attempted to kill his wife (a hite woman), by attacking her with a. knife. The subinspector explained that Wong was a married man, and on Sunday jie aiid his Mife paid a. visit to. Henderson. They returned some , time m the evening. Wong went out, and his wife visited the house of another Chinaman. This latter Celestial "accompanied Mrs Wong home, and went inside with her. When Wong returned he saw the two m the" house together. He flew into a violentpassion, and ordered the intruder to leave. He then took up a knife, -Mid rushed at Mrs Wong, and attempted to kill her, A constable's attention Mas attracted . by the woman's screams, and he rushed into "the house, and found the man and his Avife struggling together. By the time he obtained an entrance Wong had a knife m each hand, and he heard him say, "I'll kill you." "The constable pulled off the excited Chinaman, who was taken to the police cells' Tlie woman had sustained some scratches to her face. Mr Quartley appeared for Wong, and asked for a remand, which was granted until April, an application for bail being refused.

Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXXIX, Issue 12722, 26 March 1912, Page 5


When Wong Chuck was Wild. Caught his Consort with Another Chow.From "Truth's" Auckland Rep- Readers of "Truth" will remember that a Cantonese named Wong Chuck was arrested at Auckland one day last week on a charge of attempting to murder his wife, Eva Wong Chuck, a white woman. The accused was remanded* until Monday last on the said charge, having been refused bail. Wong, who is the average sort o£ SMELL FROM CANTON, and who doesn't wear a pigtail, to i show he . is "allee same ; Eiilopean," is a small-sized individual with the usual Oriental impassive air. He runs a clean shirt foundry m Hobson- street, which is the resort of Flossie and her "protector," and Wong and his missus there created an awful . disturbance on Sunday, March 24, which culminated in the charge of attempted murder.

The charge was gone. on. with on Monday last, when Senior- Sergeant McKinnori prosecuted on behalf of the John Department.

Lawyer Singer watched proceedings on behalf of Mrs Wong, while Lawyer Quartley appeared for the defence.

Eva, Wong's lawful wedded wife, occupied a seat alongside her lawyer, Singer. She is
A GOOD -LOOKING YOUNG WOMAN,and was dressed m a black costume, with a large black velvet hat, embellished with black ostrich plumes. In fact, it must have cost Wong . quite a lot of shirt-money to deck Eva out, and during her evidence she displayed the forgiving spirit which woman generally shows after she has 'got her man into the soup, so to speak.

During her evidence this woman showed that she had had some education, and also that she had received better upbringing than is usually the lot of the wife of a stinking chow. She gave h-er evidence m a perfectly composed manner, and did not seem ai. all distressed by -the fact that she was the lawful wedded AVife of a Chinaman. She, apparently, also enceavored to mitigate circumstances, so iar as they were within her power, for her Asiatic spouse.

The evidence adduced was to the effect that Wong's wife on the Sunday lhight m question,FLIRTED WITH ANOTHER CHINKIE,
and Wong, coming on the scene, went for his "gal," and m the struggle he picked tip a couple of table knives, and the result was that the yellow man's white wife got a cut on her thumb. At the conclusion of the evidence Mr Quartley urged that the ; charge be reduced to one of common assault. '

Mr Cutten, S.M.: The circumstances c£ the case ..would, never justify me m sending- the case 1 for trial. He will be convicted of assault, and ordered to find sureties of the peaces

Wong- was thereupon bound over to find one surety of £50; to keep the peace with Eva. for a period of 12 months.

"The surety^ was immediately forthcoming NZ Truth , Issue 354, 6 April 1912, Page 6

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