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Australian Dictionary of Biography ... now online

Ah Ket, William (1876 - 1936)
Ah Mouy, Louis (1826 - 1918)
Chan, Harry [Chan Tien Fook] (1918 - 1969)
Cheong Cheok Hong (1853? - 1928)
Chin Kaw (1865 - 1922)
See Poy, Tom (1853? - 1926)
Young Wai, John (1847? - 1930)
Yuen, Gum (1875 - 1943)

Canton Provinces - Migration to New Zealand

My Family comes from the Tsang-shing area (Now Zeng Cheng aka Jung Seng)

Chinese in America and Canada - History

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Introduction. Any discussion of the Hakka contribution to China's transformation must begin with the Taiping Rebellion of 1851-1864. This epic event was the most devastating uprising against Confucian China until the twentieth century. Its insurrectionary power emerged from a militant religion, which merged pre-Confucian utopianism, Hakka ideals, and Judeo-Christian monotheism. The religious whirlwind intersected with the twin crises of domestic decline and foreign encroachment to inspire a potent ideology, motivation, and organization that nearly toppled the old order and heralded China's Republican, Nationalist, and Communist Revolutions.

Chinese Missionaries 1897-1917 Does anyone have any information about how to research people who worked as missionaries in the late 1800's and early 1900's.I am interested in an Edith Churcher who worked as a missionary for the China Inalnd Mission, C.I.M. She left England in 1897 to work in various parts of China including Yang-Cheo, Chefoo, Nighai and Wanhsien.I am researching her family, who lived in our house in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the 1880's. In doing so I found out that she was a teacher at St Mary's Hall school in Brighton and contacted them to see if they had any information about her. The response was amazing and I received details of her work in china from letters she sent back to England to be published in the schools Old Girls Association magazine. I would like to follow this up but am not sure where to start. I believe the C.I.M is now the OMF and this may be a good place to start.

There is a huge archive collection about the CIM held at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, but from reading their site you need to apply for access. Might be worth looking into though if you are in London.

The National Archives also have some documents relating to the CIM...

Here is an equivalent site for the New Zealand Presbyterian Missionaries to China. They have some books available for sale