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There-were picturesque scenes at St. Matthew's Church, Masterton, on Tuesday night when a gathering of several hundred people crowded the church and its precincts to witness the marriage of Mok Chow Lunn, daughter of Mrs. P. G. Mok, Canton, China, to Norman Gee Dong, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Gee Dong, Masterton. The church was decorated for the ceremony, a choral one, conducted by the Yen. Archdeacon E. J. Rich. The bride, who had recently come from China, and had been in New Zealand a few weeks only, was a daughter of friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gee Dong. The ceremony was the culmination of a childhood romance for the bride and groom had known each other since their school days. The bride, who was escorted by Mr. Henry M. Dong, wore a trained gown of magnolia satin and a tulle veil. She was attended by Misses Grace and Joyce G. Dong, and two little flower girls, Molly Gee Dong and Catherine Gee (Wellington). The best man was Mr. David Wong (Wairoa), and the groomsman was Mr. James Gee (Wellington). The reception was held at the Masonic Hall, where Mr. and Mrs. Gee Dong entertained over 150 guests from all parts of the North Island. The respect and esteem in which the Dong family is held was shown by the fact that well over half of those present were Europeans. Mrs. Dong wore a dark coffee-coloured Chinese silk costume, with a shoulder spray to tone. A lengthy toast list was honoured. - Mr. Willie Wong (Carterton) acting as interpreter. The reception concluded with a dance. Mr. and Mrs.Norman Gee Dong will reside at Wellington.
Evening Post, Volume CXXXII, Issue 76, 26 September 1941, Page 8

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