Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Former mistress Bevan Chuang known for courting publicity

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has just arrived at Government House, his first proper engagement since he confirmed he had a two-year affair with a former colleague. Mr Brown has so far refused to resign from the city's top job, following the scandal that broke just more than 24 hours ago. He refused to offer any further insight into his long-term extra-marital affair with former council colleague Bevan Chuang. Ms Chuang is known for courting publicity. "I think he should resign and I think he should put himself up for re-election to regain a mandate by the people of Auckland," says former Mana Party mayor candidate John Minto. That's echoed by voters in Mr Brown's town, south Auckland. "I think he has to step down because nobody respects him anymore," says one voter 3 News spoke to. "I've love that job with a passion," Mr Brown told Campbell Live last night. "I love this city and I want to stay in that job. So, yes, it is my intention to stay as the Mayor." His 32-year-old former mistress faces an uncertain future. She's well known in the Chinese community and chairs different boards. But it's a largely conservative community and most aren't impressed. "I'm a bit shocked and disappointed because she had a lot going for her, in terms of what she's achieving and the profile she's getting, and this is a real setback," says Chinese Community Centre chairman Kai Luey. "She will not be remembered by the good work she does but for this whole episode." Two weeks ago she tweeted a 3 News reporter about the US shutdown, saying: "Last time Monica Lewinsky overshadowed the shutdown. What's in store for 2013? Very Naughty." Ms Lewinsky had an affair with US President Bill Clinton. This morning Ms Chuang shut down her twitter account. "I'm not looking for a guy who makes a lot of money or who is really good looking," she told a Maori TV programme earlier this month. She has long courted publicity, openly talking about her love life – or lack of it – on television and radio. But since the story broke yesterday afternoon, she's laid low. She gave all her evidence to Cameron Slater's Whale Oil blog. Mr Slater's dad was the campaign manager for John Palino, Len Brown's political rival. He insists that had nothing to do with him publishing the story. "It's actually irrelevant who my father is," said Mr Slater. "I've put up with this my entire life. Frankly it's boring now." 3 News Read more:

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