Wednesday, July 18, 2012


COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY.ACTION BY GOVERNMENT.FIRST SITTING TO-DAY, A committee, whoch has been appointed by the Government to investigate the employment of Maori girls and women by Chinese and Indians in Auckland, commenced its sittings this morning at the offices of the Health Department in Anzac Avenue. Without publicity, the committee has been set up in response to requests hy members of the native race, following disclosures which have been made in the l'ress and otherwise during the past rear or so in Auckland. The proceedings arc in private, and are under the chairmanship of Dr. T. J. Hughes, medical officer of health, with whom are associated Mr. W. Slaughter, representing the Labour Department, and Mr. Tukere Te Anga, representing the Native Department. Preliminary evidence is being heard by the committee, to-day, and the proceedings will continue to-morrow and 011 Saturday. In its order of reference the committee is empowered to make thorough investigations into the question of Maori girls and women being employed by Chinese as workers in market gardens, and by Indians in fruit shops and elsewhere. The committee is asked to suggest in its report to the Minister of Native Affairs remedies that may be required. The scope of the inquiry will embrace questions such as wages, health, housing and general health and sanitary conditions. The question as to whether it is in the interests of public morality that Maori womenfolk should be so employed will also be reported on by the committee. Among those who will give evidence will be a number of members of the Akarana. Maori Association, which organisation has taken a prominent part in asking for an investigation. Opportunity for hearing Chinese and other Asiatics will also be provided, and the committee will make a comprehensive tour of districts around Auckland where Maori girls and women are employed by Asiatics. Auckland Star, Volume LX, Issue 210, 5 September 1929, Page 7

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