Friday, April 06, 2012

Ching Ming at Easter 2012

I'm so glad that we can still have our Ching Ming ceremonies. Whenever I go to Mangere Cemetery in Auckland, there are many families there enjoying the picnic atmosphere.

My own Maternal grandparents are in Canton City. I have the priveldge of being there last year at Ching Ming. My Uncles booked a table the day before, for 10.00 am. The tables are set out over a vast area at the Columbarium at Foshan. So imagine hundreds of families gathered at close quarters - no photos allowed there so I only have memories. Then my Uncle went to get the ashes of his parents. They were in a box with Grandparents photos in. The ashes were in a bag, and they untied it - to give the ashes fresh air.

Uncle had brought those large joss sticks which we burned. Of course you can not leave until all the joss stick had burnt - and hundreds of them make a very stron smell. My children and husband had to leave after some time as it got really polluted. We had the usual roast pig, bao, vegetarian dish, chicken. This is a memory I will treasure for a long time.

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