Friday, March 16, 2012

Noodle king takes on local shop

Chain food outlet Noodle Canteen is the second noodle shop in five months to open in Blenheim.

Noodle Corner in High St opened in November last year and Noodle Canteen opened in Market St last week.

Christchurch-based Noodle Canteen director James Truong also owns the Queenstown, Invercargill and Richmond stores and said he had been requested to open a Blenheim store.

"I've had people who come into the store in Richmond saying, `I live in Blenheim, when are you going to open a store there?', so I thought, let's open one up."

There are more than 65 Noodle Canteen branches in New Zealand serving up a fusion of Asian dishes and Blenheim's enthusiastic response has been a good start, he said.

"I've had one guy come in nearly every day this week, he is crossing off all the dishes as he goes, I told him when he gets to 40, I'll shout him a drink."

The staff chop fresh meat and vegetables in between busy periods and customers can watch their lightning fast skills while they wait for their food, he said.

Noodle Corner and Asian Food Warehouse owner Udomsak Juchange, known as Dom, said the noodle concept was popular in Blenheim because it was a fast, easy and cheap meal.

"We have been quite busy, I think people are wanting a different taste, something new," he said. He expects Noodle Canteen to have an effect on his business in the short term, "but in the long run it will be fine".

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