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Ah-Chee, Chan, 1851-

Record Information

Manuscript number: NZMS 1720
Author: Hop, David V. Wong
Title: Family history being, [a brief outline of Mr Chan Ah-Chee family]
Subjects: Ah-Chee, Chan, 1851-; Ah-Chee family; Chinese in New Zealand; Gardening; Gardeners; Family histories -- New Zealand -- Auckland; Taxation
Time period: 1851-2009
Physical description: 1 folder
Collection: New Zealand manuscripts
A brief outline of the history of Chan Ah-Chee's family, a pioneering Chinese family of market gardeners in Auckland, New Zealand. Includes genalogical information, a 5 generation chart for William Ah Chee and Clement Ah Chee, portraits of family members and images showing locations around Auckland of importance to the family.

Manuscript in 7 parts, plus appendices.

Part 1: Chan Ah-Chee and family.

Part 2: Mrs Ah Chee Snr & role of descendant women.

Part 3: Brief details of Ah Chee descendants.

Part 4: Alice Ah Chee.

Part 5: Bruce Ah Chee, marries Grace Gee Dong (their lives).

Part 6: Thomas Ah Chee, marries Molly Gee Dong (their lives).

Part [7]: Poll Tax.


1- Documents relating to travel, etc;

2- List of houses: Ah Chee Snr, William & Clement;

3- Plan of Carlaw Park showing the house and other buildings;

4- Family tree from the 1991 reunion booklet.


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