Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sperm donors line up for 'dragon baby'

Potential sperm donors from across the country have stepped forward to help an Auckland woman who wants a "dragon baby".

Bevan Chuang, a single 30-year-old, wants to get pregnant this year so her baby is born in the Chinese year of the Dragon which is considered the most auspicious sign in the 12-year astrological cycle.

The New Year was welcomed in on January 23 and will run until February 9 next year.

Chuang went public with her search earlier this month and has since been contacted by about 20 men.

With just a couple of months to fall pregnant Chuang has made shortlist and will spend the next few weeks meeting the possible fathers.

"About five or six of them are genuine, like they really want it because they understand where I'm coming from and they want to help me pursue what I want to do.

"I've had people who are older that tell me they already have children but they just want to help me.

"And then I have one single man who has been having trouble finding a partner so he just wants a child."

Potential fathers for her child have ranged in age from 27 to men in their 40s.

Chuang says she would like a donor who could remain a part of the child's life but says offers have come from around the country.

"There's a few from the South Island, a couple from Christchurch, someone from Kaitaia - they're not all from Auckland."

She says rather than conducting a formal interview she just wants to meet potential donors and find out what they're like.

"I will have to meet them and talk to them and find out more about them.

"The correspondence I have got so far has just been electronic, I haven't met these people."

Chuang says she is open to fathers of all ethnicities and does not mind if they are not dragon babies themselves, but will ask potential donors if they have a family history of genetic illnesses.

Chuang, whose sperm donor quest has landed her on television and radio, says feedback from the public has been mixed.

"It's been interesting to see the comments online, to see what people assumed was the motive behind it.

"There are people, especially my friends, who are really supportive but there are people saying I wasn't being responsible or that I was selfish to have a child as a single woman.
She says one person accused her of trying to get residency, but says having a child here wouldn't entitle her to that anyway.

Chuang says it is English-speakers who are surprised at her request.
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"I think in China it's more acceptable because it's not uncommon that people want a child in this year."

According to Chinese astrology, dragon babies are destined to be wealthy and successful.

China is expected to see a five per cent increase in the birth rate this year as a result of couples trying to have dragon babies.

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