Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Reminder of the Past. In Wellington in years gone by Chinese carrying tvcll-laden baskets of fruit and vegetables attached to tho ends of a long bamboo pole placed across their shoulders was a fairly common sight. Tho Chinaman today is well abreast of tho times, and most of those who hawk produce from the orchards and' the gardens hav,e a motorlorry or a horse and cart. The basket method of hawking has not died out entirely, however. One Chinese lately has attracted more than passing interest with his two baskets and long pole. Ho was out in One of the suburbs yesterday, the long pole across his shoulders bending to the weight he was carrying, and his baskets swaying rhythmically to his littlo jog-trot. All that was missing to complete once familiar sight was a long pigtail down his back.

Evening Post, Volume CXV, Issue 149, 27 June 1933, Page 6

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