Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raymond Huo

Raymond Huo _ or Highly Unique Oriental as he jokingly calls himself _ is fiercely proud of his Chinese origins.

The 44-year-old enters Parliament on the Labour list determined to use his knowledge of Chinese protocol to help bring some of that vast country's capital into our economy.

"There is a saying in China, nothing is permitted in China, but everything is possible."

And he has proved that anything is possible here, too.

At number 21 on the party list, he enters Parliament with a wealth of diverse experience.

Huo won a scholarship to study English literature and landed a Government job in Beijing.

However he then returned to his studies and completed a law degree. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1994.

Here his career changed again when he became a reporter for the New Zealand Herald.

He returned to law in Auckland and recently joined Queen City Law as a senior associate _ now he must hand in his notice.

- Anna Rushworth

4:00 AM Sunday Nov 9, 2008

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