Saturday, October 29, 2011


Americans who have been influenced by the Orient to the extent of taking their tea clear, without milk or sugar, will be astonished to learn that the Occident is now bent on teaching the Chinese to use milk with their concoction of tea leaves and condensed milk at that (says an American exchange). An enterprising condensed-milk company is pushing the campaign, and expects to be successful. This concern already has introduced condensed-milk ice cream to the Chinese, and they like it so well that many of the restaurants keep it always ready. Practically no fresh milk is to be had in China, although the natives seem familiar enough with the virtues of both the fresh and the condensed article. Perhaps after all the. Orientals have taken their tea clear because there was no milk to put in it, and not because they thought the addition of milk ruined the bevevage. Evening Post, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 90, 17 April 1915, Page 11

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