Monday, October 03, 2011


PA AUCKLAND, This Day. An armed hold-up took place in a Chinese fruiterer's shop at Remuera at midnight when two men, one wearing the uniform of a New Zealand soldier, robbed the proprietor after he had engaged in a desperate struggle with his assailants and had been struck on the head with the butt of a heavy automatic pistol. Altogether four men were involved in the hold-up. Two servicemen waited in a sedan car outside the shop, and when the other two men came out of the shop after robbing the Chinese the four drove off at a fast speed and escaped. The victim of the attack was Francis Wong Hop, aged 40. The Chinese opened the door in response to a knock, which he believed was from a policeman. One of the two men produced a pistol saying, "You know what we want. Hand it over." The Chinese broke away, but was finally cornered and given a hard blow on top of the head. Hop was not knocked unconscious, but was dazed. While m this condition his assailants took from his pockets a £5 note and two £1 notes. Investigations by the police are proceeding. Evening Post, Volume CXXXVI, Issue 81, 2 October 1943, Page 6

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