Wednesday, August 31, 2011

107-year-old who loved KFC dies

A 107-year-old Porirua man with a love of KFC has died.

Taiwung Yu Hoi recently celebrated his 107th birthday but died in the early hours of yesterday morning from natural causes.

Mr Yu Hoi's long life had been attributed to his love of Chinese herbs and daily hot water - although he had a big love of KFC as well, granddaughter Jessica Yu Hoi said.

His daughter Lole Ernst said Mr Yu-Hoi had loved spending his birthday with his family and they are now making preparations to farewell him.

Mr Yu Hoi marked his 107th birthday surrounded by a handful of his 200 descendants in Porirua East last Friday.

He was born in 1904 in Canton, southern China. He emigrated to Samoa in 1927 aged 24. There he grew cocoa plants, married a local woman and had 11 children. He moved to New Zealand in 1971 and made Porirua his home.

Mr Yu Hoi's daughter-in-law Leonie Yu Hoi attributes his longevity to the Chinese herbs he grew and ate during his long career as a gardener.

He was always passionate about gardens and instilled a strong work ethic in his children, Mrs Yu Hoi says.

Another daughter-in-law, Toto Yu Hoi, says his good health is down to a daily breakfast of hot water, porridge and toast.

Ms Yu Hoi discloses another possible elixir of youth: Mr Yu Hoi's fondness for KFC.

Family is clearly at the centre of life in Mr Yu Hoi's household, and dozens of family portraits hang on the lounge walls. About two dozen of Mr Yu Hoi's estimated 200 children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren spent his birthday with him, eating two giant birthday cakes decorated with his photo, drinking bubbly and enjoying themselves.

- Kapi-Mana News

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BIRTHDAY PARTY: Taiwung Yu Hoi spent his 107th birthday surrounded by his family, from left: great-grandson Xavier Yu Hoi, grandson Tom Yu Hoi, great-grandson Dakhin Yu Hoi, son George Yu Hoi, daughter-in-law Leonie Yu Hoi, daughter-in-law Toto Yu Hoi, daughter Towhina Yu Hoi, granddaughter Jessica Yu Hoi and granddaughter-in-law Ursula Tokuma-Yu Hoi

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