Sunday, June 05, 2011

On Wednesday last, Mr Sydenham, a resident of Archhill, found two of his cows in a mutilated condition just outside the fence of the Chinese gardens at Archhill. One cow died, its back having evidently been broken by a blow from an axe or a spade. The other cow seemed to have been stabbed in the side with a knife or some other sharp instrument. Apparently the cows had been trespassing in the Chinese gardens, as there was a gap in the fence and a number of vegetables showed signs of having been trampled upon. The matter was reported to tho police, and for the last few days Detective Hughes I has been making enquiries, but up to the present no actual clue as to the perpetrator of the outrage has been disclosed. Auckland Star, Volume XX, Issue 47, 22 February 1889, Page 3

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