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Those who are in the habit of purchasing thoir vegetables from the bland arid obliging John Chinaman have their attention drawn to a practice which is in vogue amongst come of the Chinese gardeners in bbc Arch Hill district. Mr Currie, bhe Town Clerk of the borough of Newton, inform us that yesterday he paid a viait to the Chinamens gardena at Arch Hill, aa the boundary between the Newton borough and the Arch Hill Road district. Here, in the gully which drain a portion Of Newton, Arch Hill and. Eden Terrace he found that a small creek which carries down the drainage from the Karangahape district, had been dammed back in; one of the gardens (where there was no water supply laid on), and there was every indication that some of teh Chinamen were in the habib of washing vegetables such as carrots, onions, potatoes in the foul sewerage. On the Newton side of the creek, however, the Chinese gardeners had the water supply laid on. The matter is to be brought up at the meeting of the Newton Borough Council next Monday evening. ln connecbion wibh this matter, Constable W. Walker, of Surrey Hills, made the following reporb to the Inspeobor last month

"This evening when making inquiries among the Chinamen at Arch Hill, I came across ono (whose name I could not find out) who waa washing hia vegetables in a creek which separates the districts of Eden Terrace and Arch Hill, and contains the sewerage of both these districts, and also the drainage from tho Symond-street Cemetery. From the appearance of the place I Bhould say that this hole hapdbeon generally used for the same purpose. I have reported this matter so that the Inspector may, if he thinka it advisable, bring it before the Board of Health and ao that come steps may be taken in the interests of the health of the many who use vegetables sold by those Chinamon."

This report has been aenb to the Newton Borough Council by the Inspector. Auckland Star, Volume XXVI, Issue 112, 11 May 1895, Page 2

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