Sunday, May 15, 2011


-> Settlers in the vicinity of Eltham will read with pleasure the notification made ia another column that Mr. Chew Changs dairy factory is now in operation, and that he is prepared to do business with them. The plant seems to be a very complete and useful one. The separators are imported from Denmark, and were made by Bermeister and Wains ; and are capable of pntting through 240 gals of milk per hour each. The motive power is obtained by an undershot waterwheel of 8-horse power, and the water is conducted to the wheel by a tunnel of 340 feet in length. Altogether the factory has been pronounced by competent men to be the most complete one on the coast. We congratulate Mr. Chew Chong on the completion of bis preparatioDS, and hope to hear of the factory being kept busily at work with advantage and profit to himself and the settlers generally. Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume IX, Issue 1816, 29 December 1887, Page 2

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