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Gwa Leng Wongs in New Zealand

Gwa Leng Wongs in New Zealand

The Gwa Leng NZ Family History Group,
founded by Michael Wong, is delighted to
advise that the book Gwa Leng Wongs in
New Zealand is now available for purchase.

'It takes a village to raise a child', says the
proverb. Gwa Leng, in the southern province
of Guangdong, China, is a special village for
many in NZ; and some of its children -now
elders themselves in a faraway land -have
contributed to this special book to tell the
history and the stories of the village and its

Authored by ex-villager Dr Edmon Wong, an
eminent former scientist, the book is
centered on his translation of the only known
copy of Gwa Leng's original genealogical

record. From material collated from disparate sources, he also writes about
origins; about places and events; and about families long ago and today. This
is a friendly elder's guide for younger generations interested in their historical

With sincerity and goodwill, and mostly in their own words and pictures, many
of these later generation NZ Gwa Leng families share their own recent day
stories with the three contributing authors in a latter part of the book.

For historical accuracy, the book uses written Chinese characters (not just
romanised transliterations) for original proper names. For readers of Chinese,
it also includes an appendix of a collection of Essays on Gwa Leng by the
former administrative head of Gwa Leng.

This unique bilingual book is a legacy that both honours those past, and
serves those present and still to come.

Paper Back: 180 pages
ISBN 978-0-473-16525-3
Book Dimensions: 189 X 268 X12 mm

Copies are available at a cost of
$30.00 plus postage and packing.

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