Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sat, 19 Sep 2009 100 Years Ago

• Mr Yung Liang Hwang, Consul for China in the Dominion, arrived in Dunedin by the first express on Saturday, and was welcomed at the station by a number of countrymen.

Yesterday afternoon he spoke to 186 Chinese in the Chinese Church at Walker Street, and in the evening spoke at the Dunedin Central Mission.

The service in the afternoon was conducted by the Chinese missionary (the Rev. A. Don) and Mr F. L. Law.

The Consul, on rising to speak, was greeted by the whole congregation standing and saluting in Chinese style.

He said he would not preach a sermon to them, but would give them "a straight talk about practical Christianity", talking to them as his brothers and because he loved them, so that they should not take offence at what he would say.

He then asked his countrymen some very searching questions as to the reasons for their being despised and hated by Europeans, and gave them wholesome advice in detail regarding cleanliness, education, gambling, and opium-smoking.

The congregation took the address remarkably well, and when a vote was taken to request the Consul to prolong his stay so that a banquet could be tendered on Wednesday, every man rose and held up his hand.

The Consul, however, could not agree to extend his stay.

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