Monday, November 12, 2007

Aotearoa Indians

Indian settlement in Aotearoa Indians have been living in New Zealand for over 100 years and for the first time there's a book that tells the story of their settlement in this country. The first gold discovered in Otago that led to the rushes of the 1860s is believed to have been found by an Anglo-Indian from Goa named Edward Peters but the permanent Indian community traces its origins to two Sikh brothers who arrived about 1890. Most subsequent settlers were from the Punjab or from Gujarat. Until 1945, most of the settlers were men, some intermarrying with local women - Maori and Pakeha. Indian Settlers, published by Otago University Press, is an authoritative book of the story of Indian settlement in New Zealand. Its author Jacqueline Leckie is programme coordinator of social anthropology at the university. For more information or a copy of Indian Settlers, contact Donelle Karagedikli at Otago University Press at .

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