Friday, June 02, 2006

Asian Journalists Wanted: More Asian journalists
There is growing awareness among New Zealand news editors of the value of reflecting cultural diversity in news rooms to appeal to the growing Kiwi Asian sector but many say they are limited by a shortage of Asian journalism graduates.
In carrying out a study for the New Zealand Journalists Training Organisation, iBall editor Lincoln Tan undertook to survey perspectives among news gatekeepers towards New Zealand’s increasing Asian communities as well as converse views.
The report ‘There’s scope for more Asian involvement in the mainstream media’ was funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. It canvases the views of media studies students, journalism lecturers, mainstream news editors as well as editors and readers of the Chinese language print media.
“With the changing face of New Zealand, as we head down the path of multi-culturalism, mainstream media must be prepared to evolve and to take the bold step to admit – yes, there is a need for change,” Mr Tan said.
Mr Tan says his report focused on the mainstream media and New Zealand’s Chinese communities and, while many of the issues discussed are generic to most Asian communities, he recommends that a similar study on South Asians and the media be undertaken at some point.

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