Sunday, June 04, 2006


Damage to Hut in Chinese Village
On 2 November, 2005 Kong Kai’s reconstructed hut in the Chinese Settlement was damaged by fire. The roof and door were burnt, with only the walls remaining.
Angela said that it was disappointing to see such damage occur to an important resource.
‘Not only is the Chinese Village important to schools, with many choosing to visit the village to learn about the lives of the Chinese goldminers, but also to the thousands of tourists that visit the village.’
Over ninety-five percent of the schools who attend the programme include the Chinese Village as part of their visit.
‘Hopefully one lesson that students visiting the damaged huts come away with is a sense of how easily something can be damaged by irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour.’There is uncertainty at this stage as to when, and if, the hut will be repaired.

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