Friday, May 12, 2006

Canada Chinese

I know you are aware of the excellent Chinese genealogy resources of the Vancouver Public Library - are you also aware of the Historical Chinese Language Materials In British Columbia: An electronic inventory:" develop the Web page which comprises a database of records of archival materials, virtual exhibition of photo collections, images, links to related materials and listings of organizations. We offer a comprehensive inventory of the materials, searchable on the Web by keywords in Chinese, English and Pinyin and advice on options for preservation so that information is not lost with the memory of those involved or decay of materials.Since the inception of the project in 2000, we have documented over 13,000 records and uploaded more than 500 images of archival materials contributed by 17 resource centres, 9 pioneer families and numerous individuals. With these achievements, known sources that are interested in participation were all covered and the core collection of the database completed. The focus is now on digitisation of major collections by stages. "

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