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Allen Chang visit to China 2004

A glance of hometown from Allen

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Allen Chang is the deputy chairman of Tung Jung Association of New Zealand. In March 2004, he joined a tour to China. The following are some experience and impression he would like to share with us.
Earlier this year the Tung Jung Association of New Zealand Inc, organised a tour to China. The 18 participants were greeted by Mr Lu Wei Xiong, Director of the Chinese Overseas Affairs Office of the Guangdong Provincial Government who formally welcomed them and invited them to suggest ways in which his office could assist overseas Chinese.
The group visited their home villages in Zengcheng such as Sun Gai, Bak Shek, Wong Sha To, Gwa Liang, Tong Mee, Sarbo, Nga Yew, Har Gee, and had the opportunity to see many of the famous sights in Guangzhou such as the Chen Ancestral Temple, Sun Yat Sen Memorial, Yuexiu Park, and an evening cruise on the Pearl River.
The tour schedule took the group to Xintang, Kunming, Li Jiang, Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, visiting many of the well known tourist places such as the Great Wall of China and Tiannamen Square and some of those not so well known like the Stone Forest in Kunming and the world heritage town in Lijiang.
The group noted the huge progress being made in China and the stark contrast with just a few years ago. New roads and motorways, new office and apartment blocks, greater emphasis on cleanliness, cellphone towers and improved communications, more new cars and less bicycles. The changes taking place in the villages where many of the farmers are now leasing their land to others and concentrating on building businesses employing other people was a clear indicator of the changes and progress being made in China and especially in Guangdong. While there is still much to be done, the progressis obvious.

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